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Electoral Reform Society Tote Bag

Set up a Direct Debit to the Electoral Reform Society for a minimum of £2 (£1 concession) a month to become a member.

Give £5 a month or more and we'll send you an exclusive tote bag with custom hand drawn Electoral Reform Society logo.

In order to set up a Direct Debit instruction online, you must be the account holder of a personal bank or building society account. If multiple signatures are required or you prefer to send us your information via post you can download a paper mandate.

All members are added to our register of members. You must agree with the Aims and Objectives of the Electoral Reform Society to join. 


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*ERS Council election candidates are entitled to receive a printed list of the names and postal addresses of members entitled to vote (Section 2.1.10 of the Articles of Association and By-Laws). If you do not wish to be included in this, please select 'no' to post.